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28-Dec-2017 17:07

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Almost everything I do shows it - from computer software/houses/cars/motorcycle it shows everywhere. they may paint or draw or do any of the acceptable 'artsy' sorts of things.however, some people create and express themselves outside the realm of 'art.' i have amazingly creative friends who are chefs, builders, landscapers and engineers.

their ability to push the limits of their chosen area makes them artists.i've worked with paints, poetry and choreography.

Each doing their own work and on occasion pairing up on different projects. But on the flip side it might be too much, not enough balance. However..a significant other, it can be too much creative ego clashing..need to be creative in a different way than me, or it can start feeling competitive. You have to know what it is and how they like to deal with it and not take it personally.

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But a talker who will think about things and talk to me and inspire me as an artist is vital and essential..negative side of my personality is to be 'fine' or all that that entails...(f--ed up, insecure, neurotic and emotional) and sometimes I think I scare people away with my intensity, and only another artist may be able to truly love and appreciate me for all that I am....I always thought she did though because she had a lot of imagination. Maybe they paint, maybe they are musical, maybe the like to create computer programs or even are a spectacular creative cook.

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