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He discovered, on , the distance-cubed-over-time-squared — or 'third' — law of planetary motion.

The local public university, Johannes Kepler University, is named after him.

It lost its status to Vienna and Prague after the death of the Emperor in 1493.

One important inhabitant of the city was Johannes Kepler, who spent several years of his life in the city teaching mathematics.

Cities receive this title for enriching the urban lifestyle through the sponsorship and successful integration of media art and involving society in these electronic art forms.

Linz is in the centre of Europe, lying on the Paris–Budapest west–east axis and the Malmö–Trieste north–south axis.

In addition to an ordnance depot, Linz has a benzol (oil) plant which was bombed during the Oil Campaign on 16 October 1944.

What was once the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp is 20 km (12 miles) east of the city of Linz.

Being the city where the Habsburg Emperor Friedrich III spent his last years, it was, for a short period of time, the most important city in the empire.

Linz became the first city in Austria to deal intensively with its own Nazi past.

In May 2001, seven scientific publications, online presentations, and numerous lectures were made public as a result of these efforts.

Simon Wiesenthal, who founded the first Jewish Documentation Center in Linz in 1945, received an award for his work in remembrance of victims of the Second World War.

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Coat of arms The coat of arms of Linz developed from the seal image, which was used as emblem since 1242.Processing of the Nazi-Past In 1996, the Council of the city decided to account for its Nazi past.

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