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Rodolphus is not described as son of Hugh the Bishop, as Roger is, nor is he described as brother of Roger.That Ralph or Raoul de Warrenne was father of William, first Earl of Warren and Surrey, is indisputable, for in the list of the principal benefactors of the Abbey of Holy Trinity at Rouen, we find his name "Raoul de Warrenne, father of the first Earl of Warren and Surrey.", and in Chapter XXXIII his two sons William and Ralph are named.where the castle still dominates the skyline and the majority of the buildings in the center of town have Elizabethan and Georgian facades.

His allegiance only faltered a few times when the king's cause looked hopeless. September 27, 1304), 7th Earl of Surrey or Warenne, was prominent during the reigns of Henry III and Edward I.Foster, in his Royal Lineage of England, shows that Matilda or Maud, daughter of Baldwin V., Earl of Flanders, was descended both from Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne; Baldwin II.having married the daughter of King Alfred, and their son Arnulf I.Hamelin joined in the denunciations of Thomas Becket in 1164, although after Becket's death he became a great believer in Becket's sainthood, having, the story goes, been cured of blindness by the saint's help.

In 1167, he escorted his niece Joan of England to He remained loyal to Henry through all the problems of the later part of the king's reign when many nobles deserted him, and continued as a close supporter of his nephew Richard was found among the rubble of the castle as the flints and dressed stones were being quarried for the general construction in the village.