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18-Oct-2017 14:07

But despite not containing any shiny new features – the delated software update does contain a number of irritating bugs.

Black Berry has acknowledged a number of these problems in the release notes published alongside the update.

" Users hoping to get by on third-party apps are also likely to be out of luck, with Black Berry noting that Facebook had opted to "discontinue support of their essential APIs." These APIs are the very thing that developers build on when they create their own third-party apps.

Apps for Facebook and Whats App make up five of the top 10 free apps on the Black Berry World app store, three of which are made by Black Berry or third party developers.

Unfortunately, Black Berry users who want to back-up their device data could also run into a few problems.

That's because the company's desktop software Link has not been updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of mac OS and Windows 10, and as a result, can be a little temperamental., users who want to keep backing up vital data from their Black Berry ahead of the problematic software update should keep their device on 10.3.2 and an older version of Mac or Windows.

With sales growth at rock bottom, one of the few things going for Black Berry is its existing user base of faithful customers.

But now that support for the world's most popular social media and messaging apps is gone (like Whats App, Facebook also has the over-the-top messaging app, Messenger), there are fewer reasons for rusted-on users to stay.

I have to use my Samsung tablet to get the experience," wrote one user, Leslie Clarke.

I think the trade-in program is neat and all, but it's the least Black Berry could offer at this point (which is admittedly more than some OEMs do at a device's end-of-life).

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Black Berry CEO Chen has previously explained that BB10 users were set to receive a further two "platform updates focused on security and privacy enhancements", with the first due to land in March 2016.

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Many interpreted this as the BB10 platform going into maintenance mode – updated against the latest security threats, but not actively updated with new software features., the software update was initially only pushed-out to US users, with UK devices receiving the 10.3.3 update last month.At that time, the company promised that it would update the phone for two years, though it was pretty confident in its ability to lock down insecure parts of the operating system.

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