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And even if they go into a fight, they end up either defeated easily, insignificant in the overall victory, or end up fighting another girl.

Every unlucky Action Girl that lives in a world set at this level will suffer from Chickification and eventually turn into or be revealed as a Faux Action Girl.

However, living without them is hard too—there are things that should not be the concern of women, or simply require brute strength to get accomplished.

Also, there's one thing that makes males necessary—procreation.

Also, they are never in control of anything—males are always patriarchal leaders and their actions can be questioned only by other males.

Most of the purest and straightest (which means those that will never change) examples of The Load and/or Damsel in Distress are here. Then why do only males have all the cool and most offensive powers and equipment, while their female teammates do things like providing first aid, being Mission Control, working in the laboratory and you would be damned if you will ever see any of them in an actual fight?

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Women rule the world, men are all either castrated slaves or extinct. There are two divided communities, each with members of only one gender.Simply, you need a man if you want to have kids, and if there's one thing they're good at, it's making kids.Governments are ruled by women, wars are fought by women and all important functions in the society are in their hands.Men are useless and there's not a single thing that women couldn't accomplish without them. That's the only reason men weren't slaughtered already.

But they are still reduced to second-class citizens at best, and to sex slaves at worse.

That's why many of the examples here are works that, while it is still impossible to tell whether they portray both sexes as completely equal, are just more balanced than Level 4 or 6.

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Donizetti = LUCIA (früh.) Utensil eines Fotografen 8 = FARBFILM diesen hirsch schütteln sie doch aus dem handgelenk = ELLEN ostdeutsche Stadt = EITZ Tätigkeit = TUN dt.… continue reading »

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Photo G1067: During a lighter moment, PFC Neal (in headlock) is horsing around in A Company with PFC Lawrence Whitlock.… continue reading »

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To fuel the rumors, FKA was also spotted spending time with Brieuc Breitenstein, who appeared to be resting his face on her head in one snap.… continue reading »

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Out-of-date Active X control blocking is turned off in the Local Intranet Zone and Trusted Sites Zone, to help ensure that intranet Web sites and trusted line-of-business apps can continue to use Active X controls without disruption.… continue reading »

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