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STEPS on HOW TO BACKUP your Mercedes NAV CD's (circa 2001 for the kind of navigation in a 2002 S430/S500, have not tested this method on the 2005 disc for this navigation system, please let me know if this works on 2005, for posterity of course). To ensure this does not happen again , I wanted to find a way to backup my discs...and found one after hearing of multiple people reported not having any succes.I have just copied my original cd this morning because it was scratched and sometimes would not read in the car so I copied all the files to my pc and then burned anotha cd . So please keep posting ur comments Legion When you buy the CD you're buying a limited license to use the information on it.That usually means you can make a backup copy for your own use because it's considered "fair use." Note that you cannot use the backup at the same time you use the original, let's say in two cars.

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upload them to the site and say that you are uploading it to the internet site as a personal place for you to store your backup but upload in such a way others can download it as well.

In practical terms, so long as the original intellectual property is not being used concurrently by two users it is unlikely that the licensor would go after you, but it could be violating the terms.

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