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16-Dec-2017 22:08

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rank travel as a top priority this year, according to a survey by Match.

The Delta Dating Wall mural will be up throughout the summer.

In the airline’s latest campaign, Delta has teamed up with creative agency Wieden Kennedy New York to transform building walls in Williamsburg into nine breathtaking travel destinations for people to take selfies in front of and use on their dating profiles, according to Adweek.

Now, you can look like a world traveler without spending a dime thanks to Delta Air Lines’ #Delta Dating Wall in Brooklyn, New York.

According to Wieden Kennedy, the campaign was inspired by the popularity of travel pictures on dating profiles.

The agency found that 62 percent of men and 74 percent of women want a partner who has a mutual interest in travel; one in two singles say traveling is one of their favorite things to do; and one in two singles say going to a new city for a date would be exciting.

The 32-year-old rushed to help Tim off stage after the performance, kissed him on the cheek and then engaged in a long embrace.

As it turns out, singles with photos of travel in their profiles are more likely to be swiped right.

With Delta offering flights to more locations than any other airline out of New York, PHD sourced the murals location in Williamsburg to motivate and inspire singles to jet set with Delta.

You can read more about the Delta Dating Wall here.

PR WEEK - July 27 - Delta invited people in New York to take selfies in front of the Delta Dating Wall, adorned with international-themed paintings, and upload them to Tinder. Armed with this stat, Delta highlighted its international travel destinations by creating a travel-themed mural on a wall in New York to serve as a backdrop for Tinder profile pictures.

For example, the “F” in FRA (Frankfurt International Airport, Germany) resembles a mug of beer, and the cow/ ice cream cone represented in the BTV (Burlington International Airport in Vermont) artwork is only fitting for the home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

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