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07-Sep-2017 17:28

Because they don’t particularly focus on grades, they might appear careless when it comes to assignments and tests, which may result in average performance.

Even if their grades are average or below average, ENTPs might be still very passionate about the subject matter.

In general, ENTPs are known for being outgoing, enthusiastic, flexible and independent.

Their intuition (N) allows them to see the world of possibilities, while their objective thinking (T) and outward orientation (E) help convert these possibilities to ideas and plans ( ENTPs account for about 2-5 percent of the general population with most ENTPs being men.

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Because of their broad way of thinking, they will usually present others with the big picture only, pointing others in the right direction but skipping on important details.ENTPs are all about taking advantage of opportunities.Their unique ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated things, their flexibility and courage to set action-oriented plans to get the results they want help them realize the potential in many areas of their life.However, this doesn’t mean that all ENTPs want someone as adventurous and independent as themselves; it is possible for the ENTP to crave for a stable partner with traditional family values.

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Having said that, it is more common for ENTPs to fall for someone they can’t figure out, someone who can challenge them intellectually on a consistent basis.

People with ENTP personality type are likely to challenge the rules and often ignore the established procedures.

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