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08-Nov-2017 17:35

In YAGS, all of the characters you meet are intertwined, even (and ) you start dating one of them.While you can pursue different guys, and therefore go down different "paths", the main "story" remains the same, and you will see the same events from different perspectives and get to know different characters better.This is a lot on me, if I'm given a more realistic scenario I have a tendency to play in a way I think ppl would actually act - which usually means not pushing things and being afraid to take chances, but - and I'm not sure if it is on purpose or not given the tone of the game - I also feel like I don't have any idea what the paths -actually- are and who I -actually- can go after. Otherwise my impression of them is basically: Jake likes food, Nik is good at programming. I think I get what you're going for with him, and I'm pretty sure there'd be more to him if we actually hung out with him, but, frat house..(this might be bc of them not having any distinct sprites at the moment) Janet is great, I really like her, and Hannah is also really nice. Robert and the twins easily segment themselves into "least favourite". I thought I'd have a huge problem with it, but actually I just mostly ignored the "sprites" all together, and almost treated it like a book.Because of the more realistic tone though, the twins do not work for me at all.

I love the idea of a more darker, realistic tone, and trying to deal with insecurities around coming out - the first time I tried going to Q&A and John just -refused-, and coming out to Jake were really emotional.

https://twitter.com/yagsgame Wow, I saw this earlier tonight, and thought I'd download it to give it a try, and ended up spending the rest of the night playing.