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22-Jun-2017 19:11

Recommend testing with medicines reliant on the placebo effect to ascertain if outputs provide actual medicinal solutions to problems. Gibbons Date:██/██/████ Total number of objects: Three hundred U. Input: A sheet of 8.5x11in printing paper with the instructions “I would like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Large order of fries, and a medium Pepsi” handwritten in #2 pencil by Dr.

It appears there is a high level of randomness when SCP-914 "refines" an item. Gears Date:██/██/████ Total number of objects: Three (3) copies of all documentation, photographs, and test logs accumulated in relation to SCP-914.

Missing gear was replaced with a identical copy, comprised of the same metal (brass) as the original. Gears Input: 1x gold-plated pocket watch Setting: Fine Output: Small clockwork bird.

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