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13-Oct-2017 04:14

This is particularly true if you are re-entering the singles scene after years of being half of a married couple.

It can be quite traumatic to play the “dating game” without knowing the rules.

This is a very fair way of handling the issue since most single men don’t eat very good meals and really appreciate a home-cooked meal. You can call him a male chauvinist pig and refuse to go out with him again.

If you are a woman, you may have a problem adjusting to the expectations of different men on this issue. Normally it’s assumed that the man will pay, but if you prefer to pay your own way you should discuss this ahead of time, preferably on the phone before your first date.

They may expect the man to bring flowers, a bottle of wine, or candy on a date when he comes to pick her up. Throughout history men have been the “providers” and women have been the “homemakers”.

What do you do if you’re a man and feel uncomfortable with all this? There are plenty of women who are willing to pay their own way. Some men feel quite bitter about society’s expectation that they pick up the tab on dates. Today, with a significant percentage of the American work force composed of women, this is no longer always the case. Another explanation is the fact that women only earn 72% of what men do in our society. Try to be accommodating to the needs of your date, but not at the cost of sacrificing your own values or comfort.

Men who would prefer that the woman “pay her fair share” often feel uncomfortable about discussing these matters.

For this reason many women feel that it is quite fair that the man pay for activities on dates. Some men believe that if they spend money on a woman this entitles them to sexual favors. If you’re going to feel pressured to give in sexually to a man who spends a lot of money on you in an evening then insist on paying your own way.

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