Private partneranzeigen Hamburg

08-Dec-2017 05:23

MINDSPACE, an international provider of exclusive co-working spaces, will open its new office in April 2016 at Rödingsmarkt 9 in Hamburg.

Covering a gross floor space of 4,000 square metres, 600 fully equipped high-tech desk spaces and private offices will provide the perfect working environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, freelancers, and start-ups.

Next to Hamburg, MINDSPACE will also lauch a co-working space in Berlin in April.

The 5.000 sqm office will be inaugurated in a top location.

In order to be able to import your goods duty-free, some conditions must be fulfilled.

Community managers take care that all members have everything they need. Furthermore, members benefit from special deals with corporate partners such as Amazon and Microsoft, as well as financial service providers and fitness clubs."In Hamburg, MINDSPACE creates room for startups from Tel Aviv to become active in Hamburg", adds Dr.Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation."Hamburg is a centre of innovation and creativity, and we are pleased to offer companies a new home at MINDSPACE that inspires them for new achievements", says CEO and Co-Founder Dan Zakai.

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, adds: “In Germany, Hamburg is a leading location for technology-oriented start-ups.Certain goods such as weapons and ammunition or protected species of animals and items made from them are subject to approval requirements or bans in Germany.