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“I felt so happy when his little feet gently kicked my abdomen, and his heart beat together with mine, like dancers in a ballroom,” Zou said.

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I show that if a pluractional operator applies to a semantically incorporating verb the resulting verb can absorb only those nominals which denote properties that hold of singularities and pluralities simultaneously.

This provides the basis for a property-based explanation of the contrast between (1) and (2) as well as a novel perspective on so-called aspectual shifts.

Absence of pollen grains in barrows; Conclusions; The pollen sum; 6.1 Slabroek; 6.2 Contemporaneous barrow pollen spectra; Conclusions; The size of an open place where a barrow was built; 7.1 The size and the number of sods used in a barrow; 7.1.1 An example:; 7.2 The size of an open heathland area -- examples from present Dutch heathland areas; Sites and sampling methods. Across the continent, barrows still figure as prominent elements in the landscape.

Methods of analysis Results and discussion; Conclusions; 7.3 The distance of a barrow to the forest edge -- palynological modelling; Barrow landscape simulation; 7.4 Discussion; Part Three; Case-studies; Northern and central Veluwe; 8.1 Echoput; 8.1.1 Site description; 8.1.2 Pollen sampling and analysis; 8.1.3 Results; 8.1.4 Discussion; 8.1.5 In conclusion: the history of the Echoput barrow landscape; 8.2 Niersen-Vaassen; 8.2.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.2.2 Results; 8.2.3 Discussion; 8.3 Ermelo; 8.3.1 Site description and sample locations; 8.3.2 Results; 8.3.3 Discussion. Many of these mounds have been excavated, revealing much about what was buried inside these intriguing monuments.

Alternatively, I argue that the interaction of for-adverbials with indefinite and bare plural complements is guided by a silent pluractional operator that applies to the verb.

Palynological data, carrying important clues on the barrow environment, are available for hundreds of excavated mounds in the Netherlands. Part One; Introduction: why study the environment of barrows?

; Conclusions; Barrow research, missing data; 3.1 Research questions; 3.2 Research area; 3.3 Research methods; Part Two; Methodology; Sampling and treatment of soil samples; 4.1 The sampling of barrows; 4.1.1 The sampling of the old surface; 4.1.2 The sampling of sods; 4.1.3 The sampling of the soil profile underneath barrows; 4.1.4 The sampling of ditch fills; 4.1.5 The sampling of posthole fills.