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13-Jun-2017 21:19

On the death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, the cardinals of the Conclave decide that Woytjla is the right man to lead replace him.

Thus Karol leaves his beloved Poland to become Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Martínez Somalo then ceremonially ordered the Dean of the College of Cardinals, Joseph Ratzinger, to summon the cardinals of the world to Vatican City to elect a new pope.

While his predecessors had been embalmed after death, the Vatican claimed that Pope John Paul II was not embalmed and lay in state without normal treatment for preservation, which is evident by the grey colour taken on by the body.

But the Pope does not stop being the voice of Christ, even among the injustices of the capitalistic Western world, even among the provocations and challenges of modern times .

The Great Jubilee of 2000 is the most moving evidence of his mission: 3 million young people in love with the Pope gather in Rome, bringing with them the whole world's hopes.

Thanks to his unshakable tenacity , Pope John Paul II helps to change the course of history: the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 decrees the collapse of Communism.This tradition originates from ruthless cardinals looting the papal chambers upon the death of past popes.