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They “enjoyed the fun and banter” with the rest of the cast and crew every week, but as time passes they have become increasingly flirty.

Things came to a climax when one weekend after filming they ended up spending the night together and were “red-faced” the next morning, vowing not to do it again.

Fiery: The miniseries, that is centred around the 1989 novel of the same name, centred on the construction of a cathedral in the fictional town of Kingsbridge during a tumultuous period of English history known as The Anarchy in the 12th century She said: 'I know I've got curves and big boobs and I'm never, ever going to complain about that. I've always been a big believer in what you don't see being much sexier than what you do.'The screen starlet added that she combatted her peers nasty comments by being 'empathetic' towards them, though she still tries to avoid thinking about seeing them again.

It's simply that most other actresses are really, stupidly tiny. Hayley added that she would try and see if her peers had any other issues as to why they were bullying her, and had thought over what she would say to one of the bullies should she encounter them again.

The star also made the shocking revelation that she was similarly mocked by an unnamed producer.

She claimed he told her: 'You look like a fat pig on screen.

I don’t really want to live that way and harp on something I feel like I shouldn’t have done.'I feel like it’s affected me in ways. I feel like I really didn’t get a chance to do a lot of the things a normal 16-year-old …

She championed her curvy physique in an interview earlier this week.

But viewers were left shocked on Wednesday night when Courtney Stodden's latest date turned so raunchy even ladies' man co-star and onlooker Calum Best was left blushing.See full summary » Trying to get his act together, a con artist gets a job in a credit card company.He falls in love with a fellow employee, he steals a couple of cards, everything is going great. See full summary » A black detective becomes embroiled in a web of danger while searching for a fortune in missing drug money.The 35-year-old actress told The Sun about her difficult time at school ahead of the premiere of her period drama Howard's End this weekend.

Hayley revealed that bullies used to call her 'Hayley Fatwell', but that she feels she's had the last laugh as her curvaceous figure is nothing to be ashamed of.They are the first thing to get red, I'm not lying.'After being chucked a bottle of sun cream, business development manager Adrian assured Courtney, 'I got this - where do you need it? 'Cheeky Courtney then made Calum blush by asking Adrian: 'Does it look like there is something splurted on me?